I'm worried about drugs

Drugs are chemicals that can change the way you feel and act. Although medicine is also a drug, the kind of drugs we are talking about on this page are usually illegal and damaging.

Drugs are addictive and can harm your mental and physical health. If you are caught with them, you can be arrested and charged with a crime. 

Most people are pressured to take drugs by friends or by parents or adults in their life. Drugs can make you vulnerable because you don’t have control over your own mind and body while you are high. This may make it easier for people to take advantage of you or abuse you.   

Signs you or someone you know may have a problem with drugs

  • obsessing about when you can get high again and where to get more 
  • feel you can't do basic things without drug use like sleeping or relaxing
  • changes to your mood
  • loss of interest in things like school, hobbies or family

Where you can get further advice and support