I have special educational needs or a disability (SEND)

If you have a special educational need or disability you can be a victim to the dangers we talk about on this website. When you have SEND, there are also some more risks to think about.

Try to get help by speaking with a trusted adult if you are struggling with:

  • finding it hard to talk with people 
  • not getting the care and support you need 
  • struggling with learning at school 
  • getting bullied because of your disability or needs 
  • not getting the right healthcare 

If you have SEND, you should have a support network around you. This can include your parents and carers, SENDCOs in your school and other professionals or organisations that may support you with your needs. All of them must do everything they can to understand how to meet your needs safely. 

Remember that you can visit our Get help webpage if you feel like you or someone else is in danger. 

How to get help

The best thing to do will always be talking with somebody you trust because they can help you get the right support from the right people. Here are some ways you can get help: